What to do when Token/PIN is not Generated instantly

If you are purchasing a service that require token/PIN such as Electricity, WAEC, Spectranet etc. PIN/Token are usually displayed on screen on successful transaction as well as sent to email and SMS. However, peradventure the PIN or Token isn’t generated, below are the things to do;

  • Wait for few minutes after payment. This would allow our system and third party merchants to work out payment before PIN/TOKEN is delivered.
  • If you didn’t receive our PIN/TOKEN on screen or via mail, kindly check your spam folder
  • If PIN/TOKEN didn’t deliver via text, it might be that your line is on DND. You would need to deactivate yourself from DND. To check if your line is on DND, text STATUS to 2442. To opt-out of DND, text ALLOW to 2442. Alternatively, you may contact your network provider to deactivate.
  • Always ensure that your phone is switched on when making payment. Although some messages deliver when you finally switch on your mobile, it’s recommended to leave it on.
  • When network downtimes get in the way, there is really little we can do until the issue clears. You would receive PIN or TOKEN immediately the network is stable.
  • If after taking the above steps and still no success, wait for 5 minutes and your transaction will reverse back to your wallet automatically and you can retry.
  • Click here to generate electricity,WAEC or Spectranet token instantly