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GOOD NEWS: Nigeria premium web designer, blogger, and mobile marketing consultant want to show you in totality how to build; Database Driven, ecommerce, Social, Blog, SMS Portal, School Portal, Membership sites, Church sites, News site etc primarily like Konga, Jumia, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Nairaland, SMSForth, Premium Times etc in 7 Days Using CMS....

+ Secrets to Make Over N250,000 Monthly Working Part-Time as Web Consultant Executing Projects Online and Offline.

  • No programming knowledge needed
  • You can do it if you can check your email yourself


Memo From: Vitalis Chime
RE:                Web Consulting Master Course.



Dear Friend,
Do you know that Website design is the highest paying job in Nigeria today? Report shows that there are over 500 million naira worth of web design jobs in Nigeria waiting to be awarded to competent website designers this year.

This excludes the private establishments and individuals who have set aside some GOOD CASH for their website project this year.
Many Business Owners and Individuals have come to discover that though they may be making Huge Profits, but they are still leaving money on the table if they don't have a website.
This huge demand to build online presence is continually making the bank account of website designers grow fatter every day.

Are You Among Them?

If NO, then you are so lucky to have stumble upon this web page today.
I urge you to switch off your phone, logout your facebook account and anything that could distract you and READ this letter to the LAST WORD because what you are about to learn will rank you among the BIG guys in Nigeria in few months from today. Guaranteed!

You see, many companies are going online and they have budgeted Millions of Naira for this. But the biggest problem is that... 85% of web designers are not competent in web design and Internet marketing. Even the competent ones don't know how to sell their skills and make money.  Website design skill is one of the hot skill that’s guarantee to put good money in your bank account consistently if you know how to cut your onions.

Yes you heard me right! You must know the secret of industry leaders who are making lots of money daily with web design or die struggling for jobs.
The bitter truth is that most web designers in Nigeria are flat Broke and I will tell you WHY.

Here Are 7 Reasons Most People Will Never Make Money As Website Designer And What To Do About Them;

  • They have been lied to by self-acclaimed web designers
  • They don’t know how to get people beg to hire them for their skill
  • They are far behind the trend on web design technology
  • They don’t know how to price their skill
  • They don’t know where to get people that are ready to pay them good money for their skill
  • They don’t know several ways to sell their skill and make money
  • They don’t know what to tell people to make them deep hand into their pocket and pay them money

These days many “I Sabi Am” armature self-acclaimed web designers are all over the street to confuse and collect money from those that will fall on their trap in the name of teaching them how to design website.

Almost every business center you come across today has web design training in their service list and if you risk taking training with some of them, you will receive the greatest shock of your life.
One of my student Ogechukwu by name once shared her experience with me of how she paid N45,000 to some “I sabi am” web designer and they end up teaching her desktop publishing and photoshop application.

Don’t get me wrong! Am not saying you can’t learn how to design website to some extent from some of them. Of course you can learn something, but you will be totally INCOMPETENT to handle web design jobs that will fetch you some mouthwatering Cash. And most importantly the secret to make money steady and faster from web design will elude you. Very few people have access to this secrets and I will be handing them over to you at the end of this letter. Any skill that doesn’t put the right amount of money needed in the pocket of the possessor is as good as dead.

Now Here’s What You Need To Do…

Simply learn from someone who’s already getting the kind of result you want. This has been the best advice every successful people deliberately follow. See, if you do what successful people are doing same way and manner they are doing it, there’s nothing in this earth that can stop you from being successful. It’s a LAW, not a PROMISE!

How The Application Of Simple LAW Above Made Over N200,000 For One Of My Student Earlier This Year!

I shared this same story on my blog www.vitalischime.com  some time ago and ever since I have received several sweet testimonies from people who have duplicated the same success formula and it worked super for them.

The Dude’s name is Gabriel, Mr. Gabriel paid some good amount of money to someone to learn web design and they end up teaching him how to create simple web page with HTML. While he was still cracking his brain to understand all the code jargons, the duration for the training was over and he was left more confused than when he started.

It continued until Mr. Gabriel got access to my Web Consulting Course and discovered in totality the simplest way to build all the catchy premium websites that even most web designers are dying hard and paying through their nose to learn plus the secret of making money consistently from web design.

The whole process didn’t even take him up to 3 days to master and today he builds premium websites for schools, businesses, churches etc.

Now here’s the Interesting part…

Earlier this year when many people are scratching the rock to find money after spending heavily on Christmas and New Year celebration, Mr. Gabriel was in most expensive soup. Lol!
Three different clients offered him jobs to design websites amounting to over N200,000.

His first client was deep pocketed firm followed by a polytechnic somewhere in Anambra State. This happens few days after he implemented few of the marketing strategies I handed over to him as am going to do for you shortly.

Gabriel was able to pay for all his admission fees into higher Institution in less than 3 weeks of following my web consulting marketing strategies.

Why Am I Telling You All This?

It’s simply to let you know that you too can duplicate the same success formula and become highly paid website consultant faster than you could ever think possible. Your life could really be GOOD!

  • NOT Someone to help you learn this lucrative skill
  • NOT the CAPITAL to get started because you can start with zero capital
  • NOT your educational background because you don’t need a university degree to make money from web consulting

The problem is "YOU".  

Yes! You are the only one that can stop you from earning well from this lucrative Web Consulting Business.
Did I hear you say “How”? Well, you can stop yourself from earning well from this lucrative business by refusing to act on this opportunity.

NOTE: Mr. Gabriel haven’t even enter into higher institution when he got this massive result following my simple marketing strategies, so if you have been thinking that you must have a university degree to make good money from web consulting, now you know you have been absolutely wrong.


Get Involve In Web Consulting Business Today.

Web consulting business is second to real estate business. The income from the business is huge and it’s recurring. In real estate you build a house once and earn from it year in year out in terms of RENT. No hassle! The same applies to web consulting business; you build a website for clients once and continue to earn residual income from the same website every year without you doing any other job.

How Much You Earn…

Let’s say you are very slow to implement the marketing strategies I will hand over to you and you got just 5 clients per month in your web consulting business which is very basic because you can get more than that with ease following my simple marketing strategies,
And as a beginner you decided to charge N50,000 per website as an introductory price.

By simple mathematics;

N50,000 x 5 = N250,000 a month. Multiply it by 12 which is 1 year and tell me the answer you got.

Hey! I just pressed my calculator and this is what I got...N3,000,000 (3 Million naira).

Note: I made the estimate based on the least amount SMALL BUSINESS owners do pay for web design for their business. If you decide to shut for deep pocketed companies and government projects you will smell Millions everywhere you.

Here’s the sweetest part of this business...

You will be paid extra N15k - N20k or more from each of the website as renewal fee depending on the amount you decide to charge your clients and duration you decide to charge them (monthly, quarterly or yearly) for renewal.

This simply implies that if you have just 50 clients, you will be making cool N1,000,000 ( 1 Million naira) per year without Hassle as long as the website owners are still using their website. And they can't afford to let their website go.

You will not do any other work to make this money. This is what we call “MONEY IN THE THIN AIR”.

Which other business has the capacity to generate such huge amount of money repeatedly without you investing more money and time? The answer is NONE!

Can You Now See Yourself A Millionaire Web Consultant In Less Than 6 Months?

And Why You can’t afford to miss this opportunity to become highly paid web consultant today?

"We have made it as easy as brushing your teeth for you to MASTER WEB CONSULTING in 7 Days or less and start earning BIG as a web consultant even if you haven't touch mouse before".


"Highly Paid Web Consulting Master Course?"

Everything you need to know to build database driven, premium ecommerce, Social media, Blog, SMS Portal, Church website, School Portal, Animated and Membership Sites Using CMS...

+ Secrets to Make Over N250,000 Monthly Working Part-Time as Web Consultant Executing Projects Online and Offline.

This classic Home Training Video Course has been carefully packaged with you in mind.

Every thing about Website Design + Internet Marketing has been made ridiculously easy such that even 11 years old boy can setup premium website following the step by steps guide in this video.

Here Are What You Will Learn In This Video Training Course;

Modules Course Breakdown..

# 1: Module

Basic Web Development

This classic video course will take from basic website design to....

==> Basic web development with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, JQuery etc.

==> The whole steps has been made ridiculously simple and its explained clearly in simple English.

==> You can pause and replay the video if you don't understand any step.

# 2: Module

Premium CMS Web Design

In this video you will learn....

==> Everything about building premium website like Konga, Jumia, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Nairaland, SMSForth using CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Flash CMS etc.

==> Advanced and professional features like dropdown menu, slides, accordion, forms etc

==> How to integrate ATM card payment, shopping cart, Live chat, social media share, google adsense etc

# 3:Module

Mobile Marketing (SMS Portal Setup)

After watching this video you will be able to setup a premium bulksms and robocall website that can send Text Messages directly to any mobile phone.

You will learn in a step by steps how to;

==> Build Bulksms Menu

==> Build Login page for sms

==> Build JQuery slide banner

==> Integrate SMS API

==> Integrate ATM Card payment

==> Modify template and add articles

==> Install premium templates

==> How to setup sub-reseller sms portal

==> Host your SMS Portal on the internet

# 4: Module

Monetizing Your Web Design Skill

Its not enough to learn professional web design. If you are not making good money from the skill, then its useless.

Here you will learn the business aspect of web consulting...

==> How to price your skill right

==> How to find clients with ease

==> How to make clients find you instead

==> How to build a portfolio that clients can't just resist

==> What you should never tell a client. If you mistakingly says it, consider the job lost.

==> How to write compelling proposal

..and lots more.

Click here to Reserve Your Web Consulting Copy

# 5: Module

Server Management And Web Security

I will show you how you can easily setup and manage web server with maximum security.

You will learn everything about Cpanel, Autoresponder, Personalized Email setup,DNS, Whois etc.

Beign ignorance of web security can land you into serious trouble especially if your clients website got hacked.

The only way you can block hackers from destroying your website is to know what they know.

After watching this classic video course you will become a Web security consultant!


# 6: Module

SEO & Web Analysis

Optimizing a site for search engine ranking is the most confusing aspect of web design.

This is obviously what differentiate experts from the crowd.

I will show you everything about ;

Site map, page optimization, keywords, how to get your site rank top 10 on major search engines like Google free.

You will also learn how to track your site performance and visitor's behavior when they visit your site.

This will lead to serious sales for you and your clients.

Your clients will love you more for this and will be forced to recommmend you to others.

After watching this video course your will become SEO consultant.

# 7: Module

Graphic Design

You can't separate web design from graphics. Every premium web designers are professional graphic designers.

I will show you in a step by steps how to;

create qaulity graphics with photoshop and how to creatively apply it to your web design.

That's Just Tips of Everything You Will Learn In Web Consulting Master Course With The Pro..Vitalis Chime.

Who Is Vitalis Chime...And
Why Should You Listen To Me

For over 3 years I have been designing premium websites using CMS and providing mobile marketing services.

I have work with and provided web consulting and mobile marketing services to different clients like Center For Women Development And Innitiative (CWSI), Living Faith Church, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Christ Embassy, Delta State Ministry of Transport, Tata Messiri Consultants, Peoples Democratic Party, All Progressive Congress, Justice Development And Peace Commission(JDPC), Global Innitiatives For Youth Transformation (Glint) and several other businesses and individuals.

I am the CEO of SolutionForth Web Resources, Nigerian prime ICT and wealth creation empowerment institute. Am the very smart brain behind Guaranty Shortcode, Nigerian leading shortcode setup company.

I have tried several online businesses (Affiliate Marketing, Get paid to read emails, Surveys, Google Adsense etc) but none of these yielded the kind of result I was looking for until I discovered the secret of Web Consulting and Mobile Marketing.

Web consulting and mobile marketing services paid for my house and gadgets etc.

It's not all about me, I have positioned many Nigerians like you as their own BOSS under my belt in ICT through my educational materials, one-on-one and group trainings.

Hear What My Students Has to Say...

Vitalis Chime is truly a serial internet marketing guru I cherish so much. He delivers nothing less than the best.


Mr Chime Am so fascinated by the level of your expertise and willingness to help others. You have delivered far more than the money I paid for this package. Thank you so much.

Julius Erhaye

I am one of your subscribers and I want to thank you for your genuine interest in contributing to the economic liberation of Nigerians. God bless your effort.

Soji Oshin

Very Big thanks to you Mr. Chime. Indeed am grateful for your selfless support in helping me establish a viable business online. Keep the good works.

Gabriel Nwachukwu

Awesome Testimonies, But Yours Will Be Greater!

It's Time To Take Decisive Action
...But How Much Will All This Training Going To Cost?

Before I talk of price for this unusual opportunity, Let me ask you...

How much Would you pay to learn everything about web design, Web Security, Graphic and Internet Marketing?

How much would you pay to acquire a LIFE SKILL that will put an end to your money worries forever?

See, If You Retain Just 10% of Everything You Are Going To Learn in This Video Course

...Your Bank Account Will Swell!

The smallest website you will design with the SKILL you will acquire through this course cost about N150,000 - N200,000.

So if I ask you to pay N95,000 for this special course, I wouldn't be asking too much

BUT I will not ask you to pay anything close to that. It's a labour of Love!

I will ask you to...

...Pay Only

The special launch discount offer is valid for the first 20 people to make payment before . After that the price will SHOOT to N35,000.

So, To Ensure You Don't Miss Out On This Rare Opportunity....

Follow This Simple Steps To Register Now So You Don't Miss Out on This Special Lauch Offer;

Step #1:

Grab your phone now and TEXT " Reserve My Web Consulting Master Course + Your Full Name + Email + Location" to 08064507989 OR Send email to solutionforts@gmail.com in the following format;

Subject: "Reserve Web Consulting Master Course"

Full Name:


Phone Number:

Step #2:

Go to any of the bank below and make a deposit of N14,900 (Special Luanch Discounted Price) instead of N35,000 normal price. You can pay through ATM / Internet Transfer.

 The account details are:

Bank: Diamond Bank
Account Name: SolutionForth Web Resources
Account Number:


Bank: Guaranteed Trust Bank
Account Name: Nnamani Vitalis
Account Number:

STEP 2 - After payments, kindly send an email to solutionforts@gmail.com with the subject "Web Consulting Master Course".

In the mail, specify your; Name, Email, Phone number and bank paid into.

Your Highly Paid Web Consulting Master Course Home Training Video guide will be delivered to your home within 48 hours of confirming your payment. We use trusted courier service and we usually send your parcel within 24 hours.

You are covered by my...

You absolutely have nothing to loss! Am confidence that this educational material (Highly Paid Web Consulting Master Course) will make money for you like nothing you have ever seen. But if after watching and following every steps in this video course and you feel it's not worth the the money you paid for it, Simply let me know and....

...I will immediately refund every single money you paid for this course with special apology from me just for wasting your time. That's how much I believe that this video training course will be the BEST investment you will ever make to yourself and decide to succeed as Highly paid web consultant.

...There's Even More

I will take a step further and make this OFFER even more rewarding for you.

If you be among the first 20 people to make payment before , you will receive the following.....


OVER 100 PREMIUM Joomla And Wordpress Themes

You will get over 100 premium Joomla, Wordpress, PSD, HTML, and other premium themes you can use for your web design projects. These are professional themes from Themeforest, Joomshaper, etc. Each of these themes sale for $48(N10,320) at themeforest BUT you are getting over 100 premium themes. That's over 1million naira. (This is for educational purpose only)



Compelling Web Design Proposals That Works

I will give you an irresistible proposal you can EDIT and submit to Schools, Churches, NGOs, Businesses, Hotels etc and they will come begging you to setup their website for them. This proposal WORKS like cham! Your prospect will see you as very experienced and dependable web consultant. (I charge N75,000 to write this type of proposal)




You definitely need steady internet connection to succeed as web consultant and internet marketer BUT the high cost of internet connection is quit challenging for beginners.

I will give you super fast & unlimited internet browsing software for FREE if you be among the first 20 people to make payment before . This is the same software am using and its extremely fast. (Valued: N10,000)




This secret Bonus will blow your mind off. It worth more than the money you will pay for this whole package. If you miss it....sorry it would have been better you didn't buy this package at all. This unannounced bonus is for the first 20 people to make payment before .

+ 3 Months Mentorship With Me

If you are smart enough to grab this opportunity now, I will add you to my special mentorship program FREE of Charge. I charge N50,000 for this special mentorship but you will it free.

In this mentorship program, you can ask me any question anytime, anyday and be rest assured you have my full attention.

I will also offer you technical assistance when you need it while executing your client's project. This is what you need most.

So what are you still waiting for...... The next minute you wait might just make you LOSS all these bonuses + my 3 month mentorship for Free.

This is Once In Lifetime Opportunity For You To Acquire Skill That WIll Change Your Life Completely

..And you can't afford to miss it!

Don't Think....Don't Wonder....

Just Give This Web Consulting Master Course a Try....And Watch Your Income Shoot Through The Roof.

Am waiting just on the other side to share your testimoney on my blog as you get your first FAT Cheque as Web Consultant.

Committed to your success!

Vitalis Chime



PS: You can make over N70,000 from bonuses alone even before you complete this video course.

PSS: You will be awared our Approved Web Master Certificate that will qualifies you for any job or contract.

PSSS: After this SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER Discount will be gone forever and you will pay N35,000......And all the BONUSES might not be available to you again.

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